Welcome to QR Poetry (Hull)!

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QR Poetry is a poetry project based in the City of Kingston-upon-Hull, and our aim is to put poems out around the City so that they can be read while you're commuting to work, sitting in your favourite coffeeshop, or at a poetry event!

QR codes are like barcodes, but you can scan them with any smartphone and they will reveal a link. Most smartphones will have this technology built into the camera software, but if yours doesn't then don't worry! Most QR scanning apps are free and there are dozens of reliable apps to choose from.


So if you see one of our QR codes around, be sure to scan it with your phone and click the link to reveal a specially selected poem! Some poems might have been written in or about the very location you found the code...

We are always open to submissions from the community. Please submit your poems to qrpoetry.hull@gmail.com and include your name and contact details. We may not reply immediately, but we will always notify you if your poem will feature in one of our "batches". 

The rules for submitting your poetry are simple:

1. No offensive material and/or language! This includes swearing and inflammatory language. These poems will be publicly available and could be read by anyone!

2. Please be careful about sharing your code on social media. By all means, share it amongst your family and friends, and if you find your code at a location, you can share photos of the code in the location. But we want people to engage with the physical scanning of the codes, and the codes can be scanned directly from a screen, so please be tactful about how you share your QR code!


So get out there and scan any QR poem that you find! Share the location with friends, or tell us on social media if you find one! Follow us on Twitter @QRPoetry_Hull or Instagam @QRPoetry